Hi, I’m Lacey. Thanks for visiting my blog and clicking on the “About” page. So, you want to know about the writer behind this blog? Well, I usually describe myself as “Just a girl with a laptop and a dream” and that sums me up pretty well. I’m probably flattering myself by using girl instead of woman. But I’m all for growing old disgracefully so I’ll stick with girl!

I’m a professional writer whose niche is cat sleuths. I’ve written a series of books about a feline detective called Leger who prowls the streets of Glasgow solving the crimes that the human residents can’t. I also dabble in fairy tales and chick-lit and I invented my own genre. I think as a writer, I have to write the books I want to read. Well, I wanted to read about a randy donut falling in love with a gorgeous chocolate eclair so I wrote it. And then I wrote more stories where all the characters were foods and I called it Gastro-Erotica. I know, I have issues, but I’m just going to snuggle the demons rather than fight them.

I’m a student at the Open University and currently in my second year of a BA in Arts and Humanities. After initially signing up to specialise in Religious Studies, I switched to Creative Writing at the end of last year. I left structured education early in life and was educated autonomously – a bit like being home-schooled but without a parent teaching me and then I had a career as a paralegal and briefly studied at the University of Strathclyde (but I like to gloss over that period of my life and forget it). In 2014 I decided writing was the best career for me, no matter how little money I make.

In my personal life, I’m the wife of a classical history student (which has meant lots of fun trips to Roman and Greek ruins – I’m not complaining), the mother of a six-year-old boy who has attitude and isn’t afraid to use it and dog-mamma to a Jack Russell terrier named Rum who I’m sure was a kangaroo in a past life. It gets embarrassing when I’m out in the garden at night shouting “Rum! Rum!” like an old lush. His name wasn’t really thought through. I’d like to start listing my hobbies, but I think the only thing I enjoy doing when I’m not doing the wife/mother/student/writer thing is playing Pokemon Go. And I’m not even sorry.

I decided to start this blog because until last year, I ran a kitchen-perfumerie. I also gave perfume making classes to the women of central Scotland and helped over 100 ladies to create their own signature scent. It was fun for the most part but very expensive and I didn’t have enough friends to crowd-fund it. After my first year in business, I broke even and decided to cut my losses and focus on studying. It’s not a decision I regret but I do still get salty and have “what if” moments, like what if I had more money to invest in the business? So, this blog is a way to combine my two passions – perfume and writing. It’s also a way to switch off from my studies.

So, enjoy the reviews. Hopefully I can teach you something about perfume you didn’t already know and remember to say hi in the comments boxes and share your own links!

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